All-Atlantic Talks


The All-Atlantic Talks Podcast series discusses the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance values and ambitions, highlighting the need for cooperation across an Ocean that connects many in different countries.

The episodes explore collaboration efforts around the Alliance’s key priority themes including Science Diplomacy, Open science and Ocean data sharing, Ocean Literacy and society awareness, sustainable blue growth and marine biotechnology, training, capacity building, and marine research infrastructures.

The podcast is being developed under the scope of the EU-funded project AANChOR CSA, which aims to support the implementation of the EU-Brazil-South Africa Belém Statement, its related All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance and the construction of the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Community, through the reinforcement of the international cooperation framework between many countries that border the Atlantic Ocean.

Enjoy lively discussions of invited guests from all around the Atlantic Ocean and learn about ongoing cooperation initiatives experiences and their benefits, future plans, and solutions for a better and more sustainable management of our Atlantic Ocean

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  • #Podcast 1:
    Science Diplomacy in the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance
    The first episode discusses the role of science diplomacy in the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance, focusing on its values, ambitions and perspectives for the future, together with John Bell, European Commission, Maria Zaira Turchi, CNPq/MCTI – Brazil and Yonah Seleti, DST -South Africa, Co-Chairs of the Belém Statement on Atlantic Research Cooperation.

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  • #Podcast 2:
    Blue Schools and Ocean Literacy
    The second episode discusses the concept of Blue Schools and activities carried out along the Atlantic in the scope of Ocean Literacy, featuring best practices, visions, and expected impact on the short and medium-term, together with Ronaldo Christofoletti, Associate Professor, Institute of Marine Sciences, Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), Brazil, Raquel Lorenz Pena Costa, Portuguese Blue School Program coordinator, Portuguese Ministry of the Sea, Caitlin Ransom, member of the Science Engagement team at the South African Environmental Observation Network, Nozi Hambaze, Science and Engagement Officer, South African Environmental Observation Network, and Thando Mazomba, All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassador representing South Africa. 

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  • #Podcast 3:
    Marine Research Infrastructures & International Cooperation in the Atlantic Ocean
    This episode has the objective of discussing the importance of Marine Research Infrastructures and international cooperation along and across the Atlantic Ocean, improving access and sharing principles in this context.

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  • #Podcast 4:
    All-Atlantic Ocean Research Ambassadors: experiences from Brazil
    This episode has the objective of discussing the importance of the new generations to become actors of change in their communities, by promoting stewardship of the Atlantic Ocean’s sustainable development.

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  • #Podcast 5:
    Transatlantic information and data sharing in the All-Atlantic Space
    This episode has the objective of discussing the role of information and data sharing in the Atlantic Ocean and the importance of international cooperation, addressing the principles which guide this cooperation and the achievements made so far.

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  • #Podcast 6: em breve! 


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