Seminários do DOF- IOUSP, presencial, em 12/09/2023 às 14h30


Dr. Tomas Chor

University of Maryland College Park


Seminários do Departamento de Oceanografia Física do IOUSP

12/09/2023 às 14h30


Anfiteatro do Instituto Oceanográfico

Praça do Oceanográfico, 191

SP, SP 05508-120

Insights into the Mixing of Submesoscale Centrifugal-Symmetric Instabilities

In this work we use large-eddy simulations to investigate the mixing efficiencies of centrifugal-symmetric instabilities (CSIs) in the submesoscale range. We find that CSIs that are centrifugally-dominated (i.e. mostly driven by shear production) tended to have higher mixing efficiencies than symmetrically-dominated ones (i.e. driven by vertical shear production). Mixing efficiencies in CSIs can therefore alternatively be significantly higher or significantly lower than the canonical value used by most studies (≈0.17) depending on the dominant source of shear production. These results can be understood in light of recent work on stratified turbulence, whereby CSIs control the background state of the flow in which smaller-scale secondary overturning instabilities develop, thus actively modifying the characteristics of mixing by Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities. Finally, a roadmap for future directions with a focus on interactions between submesoscale and small-scale turbulence is discussed.

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